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Assessment and Technology

April 9, 2007

What is Assessment?

The term “assessment,” and the role it plays in teaching and learning, is often interpreted in many different ways. The most common interpretation is that assessment is a process that provides evidence of the degree and quality of learning that has taken place as a result of instruction. Assessment is learner-centered, providing opportunities for feedback to improve teaching and learning.

Why Assess?

Assessment is needed to evaluate whether or not students are comprehending course content. It begins with instructional design, which determines what the students should be able to do as a result of instruction. Assessment then provides information and feedback detailing whether or not the measured learning outcomes match the intended learning objectives. Based on the results, teaching is then redesigned to improve learning.

What technology tools are there available at WPI to assist in Assessment?

The most common example of assessing student learning is an in-class quiz or exam. However, there are many other tools available to WPI faculty that can be used to measure student learning in their courses more frequently. Below are just a few ideas for assessment tools that use technology.