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Technology and Bloomís Taxonomy: Analysis

January 8, 2007

Benjamin Bloomís taxonomy of learning domains, originally developed in 1956, is one of the most well-known and widely-used schemas of educational objectives. Though three distinct schemas were originally created, the one dealing with the cognitive domain remains the most important and most applied.

The fourth category in Bloomís Taxonomy, Analysis, is the focus of the January newsletter. Analysis has to do with an individualís ability to think critically and in an in-depth manner, enabling them to observe and characterize organizational schemes and patterns, as well as meanings that may be derived from them. For example, the Analysis category would find a student comparing and contrasting two sets of findings or products, categorizing results into meaning-based groups, differentiating between substances or findings using an established set of criteria, and drawing conclusions as to why an event occurred.

Many technologies can assist you with enabling students to develop their abilities in the Analysis domain: