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Technology and Bloomís Taxonomy: Synthesis

February 5, 2007

Benjamin Bloomís taxonomy of learning domains, originally developed in 1956, is one of the most well-known and widely-used schemas of educational objectives. Though three distinct schemas were originally created, the one dealing with the cognitive domain remains the most important and most applied.

The fifth category in Bloomís Taxonomy, Synthesis, is the focus of the February newsletter. Synthesis has to do with an individualís ability to integrate, or combine, their experiences and knowledge in order to apply them in unique and creative ways to novel situations. For instance, an example of the Synthesis category would find a student planning and implementing an irrigation system in an area that previously did not have one, designing a curriculum to meet the diverse needs of a student body, or combining chemical compounds to produce a desired result.

Many technologies can assist you with enabling students to develop their abilities in the Synthesis domain: