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Encouraging Students to Strategically Form Groups for Completing Groupwork

February 5, 2007

When groupwork is assigned to students and they are allowed to form their own groups, groups often form among students who know each other from other classes or student organizations. A smarter way for students to pick their group members is to align themselves with students with skills, knowledge, and experiences that are different but complimentary to their own. To encourage this method of forming groups, you can ask students to create student homepages in the myWPI site for your class with information on their skills, knowledge, and experiences relevant to the course. Students can then review the information posted by their classmates and use it to strategically pick group members. Student homepages can be viewed from the class roster in myWPI. The roster is available in most course sites under the Course Tools link, but you add a link for the roster directly to the course menu to make it easier to access.

Information for students on setting up their homepages is available in the How-to topic on Viewing and Creating Your Student Homepage.