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Using Just-in-Time Teaching in your Course

April 3, 2006

Just-in-Time Teaching encourages an active learning environment by adapting lectures and class activities on out-of-class assessments that are due shortly before the lecture. The instructor of the course then reviews the assessments “just in time” to prepare for the lecture based on student understanding of the material. Professor Chrys Demetry deploys Just-in-Time teaching in her Materials Science courses by creating quizzes using myWPI’s Assessment Tools on the required reading for each class. If she gets a sense that students generally are not understanding the reading material, she plans her lecture accordingly. Demetry also uses the Classroom Performance System (CPS) in her course to encourage in-class participation and to gain a sense of where she needs to focus more of her lecture time as well.

There are many Just-in-Time Teaching resources available on the Internet. The National Science Foundation created a great web resource on Just-in-Time Teaching that addresses the pedagogy behind the teaching strategy, the goals and the impact, as well as the concerns regarding preparation time that one might have regarding the this teaching technique.

For more information:

National Science Foundation: Just in Time Teaching -

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