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Creating Accessible myWPI Courses

April 3, 2006

This tip provides information to help course site managers create online material in their myWPI course site that addresses Section 504 and ADA standards.

  1. If you add images to a content item, be sure to add text that best captivates the image.
  2. Use contrasting colors between the text and any background colors (e.g. “Course Menu” button and color design). Use a sans sarif font.
  3. Do not require distinctions to be made based on color (e.g. “Select the version in red to continue.”).
  4. Provide alternate presentation materials (i.e. handouts) for students so that they can enlarge the text if necessary.
  5. Use descriptive text when linking to material that you add in a Course Content area.

For more assistance in making sure that your myWPI course site is accessible to students, contact Disability Services and the Academic Technology Center.

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