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Creating Classroom Community Using myWPI

February 6, 2006

Using myWPI to create a sense of community in your class helps engage students in both campus-based learning environments, as well as distance learning courses. Students in your course can get to know you and each other using the “Staff Information” that you provide, by updating their own personal homepages, and through collaboration using some of the tools myWPI offers.

Staff Information

Updating the staff information in your myWPI site allows your students to get to know you. While especially helpful in distance learning courses, campus-based students can also view your contact information, helpful websites, and other personal and/or relevant information. To add/update your staff profile in your myWPI course, go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Staff Information. As an alternative, you can also put your personal information in a discussion board posting or in your syllabus.

Student Homepages

Student Homepages allow students to get to know each other. If student homepages are turned on in your myWPI site, each student in your course has the opportunity to create a personal homepage accessible to other students in the course. Students can include a picture, a basic profile, and some interesting web links that may help other classmates in getting to know them. If assigning group projects, students in distance learning courses can get to know and connect with their team members through Student Homepages. Students can also customize the look of their homepages by using basic HTML coding.

Discussion Boards

Discussion Boards are a way to continue classroom dialogue outside of the traditional classroom environment. For distance learners, it is also a way to connect and stimulate dialogue with other classmates on course content. Because the discussion board is asynchronous, students can connect through the discussion board at a time that is convenient for them.

Announcements Tool

Announcements are a great way to inform students of course updates. When you add new content, make course material available on your myWPI site, or have a syllabus update, you can post an announcement that appears for students as soon as they access your course site. Regularly updating course announcements also encourages students to play an active role in your myWPI course site by logging in to check for new information on a routine basis.

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