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Customizing the myWPI Course Menu

February 6, 2006

When a new course is created in myWPI, the default menu consists of blue buttons and contains these items: Announcements, Course Information, Staff Information, Course Documents, Assignments, Communication, Discussion Board, External Links, and Tools.

This menu can be customized to meet your course needs. You can rename, remove or hide the existing buttons, and add new content areas that you may need. You can also change the color scheme and format of the menu. A variety of button styles are available, or you can use a link-based menu which looks more like a typical web page menu.

Hiding or removing buttons that you are not using makes it easier for your students to find your content. If you are unsure about removing a content area, you can make it unavailable instead.

Changing your course menu design can also help your course stand out from other courses in myWPI. This helps students remember which course site they are in, and can help you if you are using myWPI in multiple courses or sections. For example, you could color-code your sites to use green menu buttons for an undergraduate course site and purple ones for a graduate course site.

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