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Support for Administrative Meetings, Conferences, and Other Events

In addition to the many e-classrooms available on the Worcester campus, there are also other locations that have A/V resources installed in the room. If you need A/V resources to support your meeting/event, please inform the Events Office of your needs when you call to schedule a room so that they can assign a room with the appropriate resources. The ATC is able to deliver and set-up equipment to meet each user's needs. Currently, the ATC does not provide staff support for the delivery, set-up or take-down of equipment for student requests/events.

For a meeting/event taking place during the ATC's standard hours of operation, the ATC requires a minimum of four business days advance notice to assure that the necessary resources are available. For a meeting/event taking place outside the ATC's standard hours of operation, ten business days notice is required to secure the personnel and equipment needed for your event. Without sufficient advance notice, the ATC cannot guarantee service.

The ATC will attempt to accommodate all needs regardless of how much advance notice it receives. If on the rare occasion due to short notice, the ATC is unable to provide the required staff support to deliver and/or set-up needed A/V, the customer may still be able to stop by the ATC and get the equipment they need if it's available.

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