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Charges for A/V Equipment Usage and Labor

There is no charge to use ATC equipment for classes, meetings, and events that are for the benefit of the WPI community. Because our equipment is available on a “first come-first serve” basis, reservations in advance are encouraged, by contacting the ATC at or (508) 831-5220. For events whose organizers and attendees are external to WPI, there will be a charge for rental of ATC equipment. Such rental arrangements can be made by contacting the ATC.

For events that take place during the ATC’s standard hours of operation, there are no labor charges for necessary support. However, if a set-up or take down of Audio/Visual equipment, or other ATC support needs to take place outside of the department’s standard hours of operation, there will be associated labor charges. Depending on staffing availability, the hourly rate will be $30/hr for ATC staff, or $12/hr for ATC student staff.

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