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Crestron Touchscreen Projectors

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Setting up the Projector

  1. Touch the small LCD panel to activate screen menu.
  2. Press the HOME button, then press the source button on the LCD Menu. This includes Cable TV, VCR, DVD Player, Computer, Laptop, and Doc. Cam. (if applicable).
  3. Now push the left or right projector button and you will now see the source on that screen.
  4. The projector will turn on, and the screen will automatically come down if you have followed the above instructions.
  5. Press the DISPLAY button, to manually power off or on, one of the LCD projectors.
  6. Press the VOLUME button to control the audio levels for the room.
  7. The Left & Right Projector Volume control the audio levels for the Cable TV, VCR, DVD Player, Computer, Laptop inputs.
  8. You will now have controls on the LCD panel enabling you to control the volume to either of the projectors (thus if you have the VCR going to the Left Projector then the volume will be controlled by manipulating the volume for the left projector.)
  9. There is a control for speech volume. Please contact the ATC if you would like to borrow a microphone (508) 831-5200 or
  10. Press the ROOM button to control the window shades, screen & lighting.

Turning Off the Equipment

  1. Press the QUIT button to turn off the LCD projectors & raise screens.
  2. Press Yes to turn off the projectors & raise screens.


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