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Extron Display Projectors in Stratton Hall

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To Lower/Raise the Projection Screen

  1. To lower the screen, press the “SCREEN DOWN” button once. The screen will automatically lower, and stop once it is fully extended.
  2. To raise the screen, simply press the “SCREEN UP” button.

To Display Laptop

  1. Plug laptop into AC outlet.
  2. Plug the 15 pin VGA cable with the short audio cord into INPUT connector on the Extron Interface and plug the audio cord into the AUDIO jack.
  3. Plug the 15 pin VGA cable with the long audio cord into the appropriate port on your laptop, and plug the audio cord into the earphone jack of your computer.
  4. On the Extron Interface:
    • Press the ON button under the DISPLAY heading to turn on the ceiling mounted LCD projector.
    • Press LAPTOP to select your laptop as the display source.
  5. Turn on your laptop computer.

To Hear Audio From Laptop:

Adjust the volume of the sound by turning the VOLUME knob on the Extron Interface - clockwise to increase the level, counterclockwise to decrease.

Auto Image:

If part of the image from your laptop is cut-off on the screen, press the AUTO IMAGE button on the Extron Interface to reset the image.

When finished with the room, please turn off the projector by pressing the OFF button under the DISPLAY heading, on the Extron Interface.
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