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Echo360 Publishing Options

Currently WPI's Echo360 setup can publish content to a myWPI course site and/or to an RSS feed, which allows viewers to subscribe to the feed in an RSS aggregator such as iTunes. Instructors and/or presenters can publish in three different formats: streaming (requires Flash player 9.x or higher), mp3 audio, and m4v content video (includes anything sent to the projector and instructor audio, but not classroom video). The default option is to publish in all three formats (streaming, mp3 audio, m4v video), but the ATC can customize these options by request of an instructor/presenter.

Publishing to a myWPI Course Site

When published to a myWPI course site, captures post to a "Class Capture" folder within Course Materials. As with other myWPI content, instructors and course builders can then move the capture to other folders, rename, reorder, or adjust the availability settings.

Screenshot of a sample Echo published to myWPI

Once published, Echos can be modified just like other myWPI content

Publishing to an RSS Feed

Echo360 can publish to a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed that can be bookmarked in a browser or subscribed to in an RSS Aggregator such as iTunes. The screenshot below shows the feed displayed in a web browser. To request that an RSS feed be set up for your course, contact the ATC at

Screenshot of an Echo360 RSS feed in a web browser

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