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Wimba Help for Participants

The information below will help you understand how to participate in a Wimba event.


It is important that you read the information below prior to your event, especially the Setup Wimba page, if you have never participated in a Wimba event before or if you have participated in the past from a different computer.

Technical Troubleshooting

Having difficulty installing Wimba or joining an event? Check our Technical Troubleshooting documentation for information. If you still encounter difficulty, request help by submitting the Technical Help Form.

Help Topics

  1. Technical Requirements for Presenting or Participating
  2. Connect and Adjust Your Headset
  3. Set up Wimba & Test Your Connection
  4. Participating in a Wimba Event

Reference Documents

Wimba Quick Reference Card for Participants (PDF)
a brief PDF document summarizing key steps in the documents listed above.
Wimba Guide for Participants (PDF)
a PDF document published by Wimba containing all presenting information listed above.
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