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Participating in a Wimba Event

Understanding the Wimba Interface

When you join a Wimba event, the screen looks like the one shown below.

Participant List

The participant list indicates who is attending the event, who is presenting, who is speaking and who is queued to speak, as well as all emoticons or polling options.

Participant Window Options

The Participant Window provides quick access to several features. In Wimba, hover your mouse over a specific button to determine what the button does.

Raise Hand is used if a participant has a question during a meeting. Participants are queued in the participant list once they click the Raise Hand button. To clear your status after your question has been addressed, click the Raise Hand button again.

The Set Status button allows participants to select a variety of emoticons or indicators. When an option is chosen, the smiley column next to your name in the participant list changes to display the option you selected. Hover your mouse over an emoticon to determine what it means. After you select an option and are acknowledged by the presenter, select the clear emoticon (top left) to turn it off.

If the presenter poses a yes/no question, you can use the Answer Yes and Answer No buttons to respond. Your response will show up next to your name in the participant list in the first column. To clear your response, click the same button again.

Chat Window

This feature allows you to send text messages to either individuals or to all participants in the Main Room. Simply type in the text area and press the Enter key on your keyboard to send your message. If you wish to send a private message to a participant, click their name in the participant list or select their name from the drop-down To: menu.

Media Bar

The Media Bar indicates your connection status and volume levels. If you are having trouble with your audio, you can click the phone icon to obtain a call-in number and pin. Note: long distance charges do apply. If you have a webcam connected to your computer and want to use that, you can click the video camera icon to enable it.

Adjusting Microphone Volume

You can adjust your microphone volume within the Media Bar by using the speaker slider.

  1. Click the icon that looks like a person's torso to view the slider.

  2. While speaking into your microphone (press control on your keyboard), drag the slider arrow up or down to adjust your mic volume.

  3. When you are speaking, the green/yellow/red bar on the right side of the status bar indicates the volume of your microphone. If your volume is frequently in the red zone, your microphone is probably too loud. If your volume is in the low end of the green zone, your microphone is probably too soft.

E-board Tools

The e-board tools are available only if the presenter has turned them on for the event. The tools allow you to mark up the electronic whiteboard, including any content displayed on the whiteboard, such as PowerPoint slides, documents, images, etc. Any markups you make on the screen are visible to all participants.


As a courtesy to the presenter and other participants in the event, refrain from using the drawing tools unless you are asked to do so by the presenter.

Application Sharing

In some events, the presenter may asks participants to share an application that is running on the their computer. If the presenter asks you to share your application, you will receive a prompt like the one pictured below. Click OK to approve sharing your desktop and resize the hashed screen area to be the size of the content you plan to share (if you only share a portion of your screen).


The presenter may initiate a poll or survey. These questions may be Yes/No, Multiple Choice, or Free Text format. Other particpants cannot see your individual answers.

  1. When a presenter administers an on-the-fly question, it will show up in the middle of the whiteboard.
  2. Respond to the question by selecting your answer and click Answer.
  3. For Free Text questions, you will type in your answer and click Submit.
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