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Displaying Content During an Event

Content that has been preloaded into the event is listed in the order it was added. PowerPoint content can be uploaded on the fly, other materials must be pre-loaded to the event in advance. More information on uploading content.

  1. To display an item in the Presenter's Console content list, navigate to the folder you uploaded the content to by clicking the Default Content Folder dropdown menu.
  2. Click Go to display the contents of that folder.
  3. To move through the content, click the link for each slide or item, or use the P button to preview the item before it is displayed.


Video and audio files do not appear in the content window. These files are displayed outside Wimba. Separate windows are opened on participants' screens when you select these files in the content list. This means that each participant is viewing a separate instance of the file on their computer. Each participant must close the file on their computers to return to the Wimba window.

  1. You can mark up any content displayed in the e-board area with the drawing tools on the left of the window. You must first enable the e-board if they are not already turned on. Do this by clicking the eBoard button.
  2. If you want to save annotations in the e-board area for future reference, take a shapshot by clicking the Save button. Wimba saves snapshots as JPEG format in your content manager.

Sharing Webpages

This feature is useful if you are leading an information session and want your participants to be able to browse a website on their own. Participants can bookmark the website in their browser, view it later, or continue reading after the event is over.


Websites can be shared with participants, but when sent, a new browser window opens on each participant's computer screen. You cannot control the page they click to if they decide to browse on their own. If you would like to control how they view a webpage, consider sharing a web session via Application Sharing.

  1. To share a website, click the Web button in the Presenter's console.

  2. In the window, enter in the URL for the webpage you want to share.


Selecting to display in the Content Frame does not give you control over participants' viewing. They can still click around on their own when viewing a webpage this way. It is recommended you leave the default setting as a new window.

  1. Click Show Web Page to send the webpage to participants. It will open using their default web browser.


Do not share links to myWPI as they will not work and could kick you out of your Wimba session if you activated your event through myWPI..

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