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Managing Participants

Managing Speaking

By default, Wimba is set up so that microphones can be activated by pressing the Talk button. Multiple people are able to speak when they want to.

Disabling Speaking Privileges for All Participants

To disable speaking priviledges for all participants during your event, do the following:

  1. Click the Actions Menu below the participant list.
  2. Select Disable Audio from the menu.

  3. You will hear the Wimba computer voice announce that Lecture Mode is now on..

Disabling Speaking Privileges for Individual Participants

If you have one participant who seems to be having audio issues (e.g. microphone feedback, external discussions, music, etc.), you can disable audio for just that participant. Follow the instructions below.

  1. In the 4th column to the right of the participant list, click the Speaking Privileges icon next to the participant whose audio you wish to disable.

  2. A negative symbol indicates their audio has been disabled whereas a positive symbol means their audio is enabled.

Managing the Participant Window

When participants raise their hands or indicate an emoticon, or when they respond to a yes/no question, you can clear those participant actions after you have noted them.

Clearing Participant Status

In the example below, one participant has raised his hand and one participant has selected an emoticon.

To clear these participant actions, go to the Actions menu and then select the option to Clear the appropriate status.

When you clear participants' status, they are cleared in the participant window on all participant screens as well.


You can also ask participants to clear their own status by selecting the status again. This eliminates the need for you to clear them yourself.

Promoting a Participant to Presenter

If you want a participant to display content or run the meeting, you can do the following:

  1. In the last column to the right in the participant list (looks like a little man with a star next to his shoulder), click the negative symbol next to the name of the participant you wish to promote.

  2. The participant will now be able to view the Presenter's Console. They will also hear the Wimba computer voice announce that they have been promoted.
  3. To demote a participant, click the positive symbol next to their name.

Managing Control of the eBoard

By default, only the presenter has the ability to mark up the eBoard. However, presenters can enable or disable participant access to the eBoard by doing the following:

  1. Activate the eBoard in the Presenter's Console by clicking the eBoard button.

  2. In the eBoard tools menu, click the Enable button.

  3. In the window that opens, select an individual participant from the Disabledlist and click Update. This will enable their eBoard toolbar access.

  4. Alternatively, to enable or disable all participants' access to the eBoard, click Enable All or Disable All.
  5. Close the Enable/Disable eBoard Toolbar window to return back to the event. Participants at this point will either have access or disabled access to the eBoard depending on what you selected in the previous step.


If multiple participants will be using the eBoard tools at the same time, they may end up drawing or typing over each other. To avoid this, consider drawing lines on the whiteboard to create small boxes which you assign to each participant. Ask participants to stay within their assigned boxes.

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