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Wimba Classroom - Preparing to Present

The Importance of Planning

Many people jump right into leading a Wimba web conference, but it's important to take some time to plan your event ahead of time. Here's why:

Planning Considerations

The following lists provide you with best practices for planning an event.

General Tips


Before conducting your first Wimba event, consider scheduling a "dry run" with stand-in participants so you can become familiar with the interface and get feedback on your presentation style. Feel free to contact the ATC to request a staff member who has been trained in the use of Wimba to attend your dry run. Contact the ATC at

Tips for Preparing PowerPoint Content

If you will be using PowerPoint to create content for your Wimba event, keep these tips in mind.


Download the PowerPoint slide with toolbar tips and insert it into your event or into your own PowerPoint presentation. Download the slide (PPT)

Tips for Preparing to Teach a Class Event

Tips for Preparing Students for the Event

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