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Scheduling a Wimba Classroom Event

Setting up a Wimba Event through the Admin Website

When you received your project group's Wimba account information from the ATC, you should also have received a web link to your permanent Wimba room. The link for this room will not change and can be bookmarked or saved into an email template if you host a variety of events. Unlike Interwise (WPI's first web conferencing client), this room is always active and you should not need to schedule Wimba rooms for each individual event you host. Because recordings are each accessed using a different URL, playing back event archives should not cause a conflict for participants who were not able to access the event.

To obtain the URL for your meeting room if you have forgotten it:

  1. Log in to the Wimba Admin website using the username and password assigned to you by the ATC.
  2. From the Rooms tab, locate your room.
  3. Click the information i below Get Info.

  4. This will open a new window. Copy the text next to Launcher Link: and paste it into an email, document, web browser address bar, etc. This is the permanent URL for your room. It will not change.


You can also email your participants from the Admin website. From the Rooms tab, click the envelope icon under Invite. Customize the Session Information window and click Next. Your default email application will open with some generic text in the email. You'll note however, that the link for your room is still the same if you use this option.

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