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Application Sharing

Using Application Sharing

Application sharing allows participants to share any application that is running on his or her computer. The participants can remotely control the application if you allow them to have cursor control.

Application sharing is useful when:

Sharing an Application

  1. Open the application on your computer. The ATC recommends the application be open before you can share it.


Open all applications that you will be sharing before you begin your event. Make sure that each application window is showing the file you want to share. This saves you time during the event because you won't have to wait for the application to open and you won't have to open the specific file.

  1. In the Presenter's Console, click on the Share button.

  2. In the AppShare Status window that appears, select the user whose screen you want to share.

  3. Check off the Cursor Control boxes if you want others to be able to control the user's mouse. By default, the presenter always has cursor control.
  4. Select where you want the shared content to be displayed in the drop-down menu. The choices are: Content Frame (eBoard space) or New Window (new browser window).
  5. Click Begin Sharing when you have established your settings.
  6. The user whose screen you selected to share in Step 3 will receive a prompt asking them confirm they will be sharing their screen. If you are sharing your desktop, you will not receive this prompt.

  7. The next window that appears prompts users to select whether they want to share their full screen, a portion of the screen, or only a specific window. Make a selection and click OK.


The person who is appsharing may notice their cursor is slightly jumpy.

  1. To end sharing, the presenter who initiated it should click End Sharing in the AppShare Status window.

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