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Technical Troubleshooting

If you are using a computer that meets the technical requirements for Wimba and you are still unable to connect to an event, please read through the frequently asked questions below for possible solutions.


Can't find the right solution? Complete the Technical Help Form for additional help. Assistance is provided during the ATC's normal business hours.

I don't have Java installed on my computer. Do I need it?

Java is required to use Wimba. To download the latest supported version, run the Wimba Setup Wizard.

How do I enable pop-ups?

To have Wimba work successfully on your computer, you must allow pop-ups for WPI's Wimba server ( You can enable pop-ups from the Setup Wizard by clicking the yellow bar at the pop-up prompt. Or, in the most recent version of Internet Explorer (7.x), go to the Tools menu, select Internet Options, then the Privacy tab, and then click on Settings in the Pop-up Blocker section of the Privacy tab. Enter in the Address of Web site to allow: text box and click the Add button. This adds to the Allowed Sites and no longer prevents Wimba from working correctly. Click Close and then OK.

Do I need cookies enabled on my browser?

No sensitive data is stored in an Wimba cookie. However, you do need to have cookies enabled.

Why do I get the yellow information bar asking me to install an Active-X control in Internet Explorer?

An Active-X control is an object or program that interacts with a webpage. In this case, the Wimba client is attempting to run or install from the event link you visited in Internet Explorer or an email invite. Select the yellow information bar below the Address Bar area in IE and Install Active-X control to continue. If this is the first time you are accessing a Wimba Event from this computer, Wimba will now run through the installation procedure and after completed, you will be taken to the event. If you have previously used Wimba on this computer, installing the Active-X control from the yellow information bar will take you directly to the event.

I can't log in. What should I do?


Events are set up so you don't have to log in, simply click the Participant Login link and enter in your name.


If you have forgotten your password, contact the Academic Technology Center at for assistance during regular business hours.

What should I do if no one can hear me speaking during an event?

There are many things you can try to adjust your speaking volume:

What should I do if I cannot hear other participants during an event?

There are many things you can try to adjust your listening volume.


During the event your sound (both listening and speaking) may be choppy if you have a slow Internet connection.

The link in my e-mail invitation is not active. What should I do?

Highlight the link in your email and copy it. Open your browser and paste the link into the Address field in your browser.

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