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Getting Started with Wimba Classroom

Does Wimba sound like a tool you would like to use? Are you wondering how to get started? This document provides you with information on how to get started with using Wimba Classroom.

See a Demonstration

If you think you would like to use Wimba, it is recommended that you contact the ATC at to schedule a demonstration. During the demonstration, a member of the ATC staff will show you how the tool works and discuss your needs and make recommendations for how you can use Wimba to address those needs.

Becoming a Scheduler/Presenter

If you would like to be able to schedule events, contact the ATC at The training will cover how to schedule events and how to use Wimba as a presenter. It is recommended that you schedule a brief training session before using Wimba Classroom. Although Wimba is not complicated, it is also not necessarily intuitive. The web conferencing environment seems awkward to many first-time users. The training sessions will help you be more effective when you use Wimba.


If you are a faculty or staff member who would like to use Wimba on an occasional basis for campus events unrelated to a specific course, the ATC can provide assistance with Interwise as it does with other technology services for campus events. Contact the ATC at or x5220 to discuss your needs.

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