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Using Wimba on Campus

Ideal Location for Using Wimba

The ideal location for participating in a Wimba event is a closed room where you are by yourself. A location such as this reduces distractions to you and prevents you from distracting others around you.

Public Locations for Using Wimba

If you do not have one of the ideal locations available to you, there are public locations on campus where you can use Wimba.

Tech Suites in the Library

The Tech Suites are small rooms accommodating up to 6 people and providing cutting edge technology. Use the computer in the room to connect to Wimba, or bring your own laptop and connect to the network. These rooms can be reserved by contacting the Circulation Desk (x5410).

Public Computer Labs

There are several public computer labs on campus where you can participate in an Wimba event. Keep in mind that the labs are often noisy and you may be easily distracted.


If you are using Wimba in a public lab, please be courteous of the people around you and try not to speak too loudly when using your microphone.

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