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What is Wimba Classroom?

Wimba is a Web conferencing tool that allows groups of individuals to communicate real-time via voice and graphics over the Internet. Wimba events typically have a presenter and participants who collaborate to conduct meetings or class events.

Wimba features include:


Wimba also has video conferencing capability. If presenters have a web camera connected to their PCs, they can transmit their image to participants. It is recommended that this feature be used sparingly or not at all. Video adds a layer of complexity to leading the event, the image is poor, transmission to participants may be slow, and little value is added. If you want participants to be able to see you, it is recommended that you display a digital image instead.

When to use Wimba

Wimba is a powerful meeting and educational tool which can be used for a number of purposes. Some possible uses of Wimba at WPI include:

Keep in mind that Wimba may not always be the best choice for an event. Use Wimba when:

Do not use Wimba when:

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