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Can I keep my WPI student accounts? (E-mail, myWPI, UNIX/filer, ADMIN)

No. We're sorry, software licensing restrictions require that we only offer login access to currently enrolled students. However, as an alumni, you may obtain an Alumni account and access to the Alumni Gateway. This allows setting up of an e-mail forward and access to Alumni information.

When will I lose all of my WPI accounts?

Account removals for May graduates happen by the end of September; approximately 2 weeks into A-term. Account removals for February graduates happen at the end of May. This gives returning students plenty of time to ensure that they are properly registered for classes with the Office of the Registrar. You will receive a notification via e-mail about your impending account removal one (1) week before your account is removed.

Will I lose my undergraduate login account if I return by the next semester as a graduate student?

No. If you are a graduate student and are registered with the Office of the Registrar, you are still considered an active student. Therefore, account termination does not apply to you.

How can I save/backup all of my Exchange e-mail and files on my personal storage drive before my account is removed?

You may archive your Exchange email by using Outlook to create a personal folder file. Once you have created the personal folder file & moved your email over, you can burn the .pst file to removable media.

If you get your mail delivered on UNIX ask helpdesk to move your UNIX mail to your home directory. It will be under the mail subdirectory.

You can access all of your files in your UNIX space (\\\home) by Mapping a Drive. Once the drive is mapped, you can move files to a local hard drive or to removable media in any of these labs.

When can I obtain an Alumni account and access to the Alumni Gateway?

The Alumni Office should inform you of the Alumni Gateway prior to graduation. To find out more information, visit the WPI Alumni Office web site.

After I graduate, can I continue to use the Microsoft products that I obtained through the MS Campus Agreement?

Upon graduation, students licensed under the Student Option are granted perpetual use rights for the selected Campus Agreement products that they obtained before graduation. They are not entitled to any upgrades for those products after they graduate. If a student leaves WPI without graduating, the student is required to remove the software.

Can I still use the public computer labs?

WPI Alumni can have temporary access to the ADMIN domain. When your WPI accounts are terminated, you will no longer be able to use your username/password to login to the ADMIN domain. Alumni wishing to log on must go to the Helpdesk in order to receive the login credentials.

We will record the date of the request, the requester, the time-frame in which they need access (this is intended for short-term use) and a contact phone number. A photo ID is also required. This account is still bound by the AUP.

If you have any questions about your WPI accounts, please contact the Helpdesk.

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