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Student Exchange Accounts

Students can now sign up for Microsoft Exchange accounts. These accounts allow you to save your e-mail, calendars, contacts, etc. and access them via either the Outlook Client or Outlook Web Access (OWA) anywhere you go. Visit the Student Exchange page to learn more.

How Do I Create and Manage A Mailing List?

The Mailing List Maintenance form is used to create, edit, query ownership, and delete system-wide mailing lists.

How Do I Create and Manage A Group Account?

In order for an account to be set up for your club, the club should be listed as a WPI recognized activity/organization. If your club is officially recognized, you may send a group account request to the Helpdesk containing the following information:

Use the Group Account Maintenance Page to manage an existing group account.


Drive Mapping

For directions on how to map your network drive, please see our page on Mapping a Network Drive.

How Do I Install Software From The Network?

WPI owns licenses to many software packages that are available for installation via the network. Visit the Network Software page to see the title available and visit the SMS Software Install page to learn how to install them.

General Help

Account Lockouts

If you incorrectly enter your ADMIN password 3 or more times, your ADMIN account will be locked out for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of inactivity, your account will unlock automatically. To unlock it now, visit the Account Lockout page.

How do I connect to WPI network and computing resources from off campus?

WPI has a Virtual Private Networking (VPN) client that is available to anyone working off campus that needs services that are normally only available on campus, such as: mapping network drives, sending email via the WPI SMTP servers, etc. Visit the VPN page for more information.

What's up with wireless networking?

WPI offers wireless networking in many locations on campus. For more information on wireless, visit Network Operations' Wireless page. If you have a laptop and a wireless card you can follow the Wireless Configuration Directions to get set up.

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