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Welcome to WPI! No matter what your field of study is, computing will play in a key role in the success of your academic career. At WPI, we make every effort to provide students access to the computing tools necessary to achieve academic success. From getting your accounts set up, to attaching your computer to the network, all the information you need is just a click away. Before you do anything else, we suggest you read through the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to be sure that you understand your responsibilities as a WPI computer user. After that, feel free to get started using the technology we provide. Happy computing!

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Getting Setup on the WPI Network...

Joining the Domain

In order to install software from the school network easily map drives, students on the WPI Network (in dorms or WPI-wired Greek Houses) should follow the directions below based on their installed operating system:


Drive Mapping

Each student gets 750 megabytes of space on the network server. In order to access it for saving, most students will do what is called Mapping a Network Drive, which makes the space appear as another drive on your computer for easy saving and access.

For directions on how to do this, select your situation from below:

On Campus

Off Campus

Accessing Software at WPI

As a student at WPI, you are allowed access to many different software packages, including Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows. In order to access and install them, please visit our SMS Software Installation Page.

Getting a Laptop on WPI's Wireless Network

If you have a laptop and 802.11B wireless card, visit the Wireless Configuration Page for configuration directions.

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