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WPI Exchange Server Guide for Students

The WPI Exchange Server is a tool available to students which allows access to email, calendars, and contacts. There benefits of an Exchange account include the ability to access mail anywhere from an internet browser through Outlook Web Access, or through any Outlook Client, as well as the ability to share your calendar and schedule with faculty and other students and also to view the shared calendars of anyone who has shared it with you. This is very useful when trying to find times for group meetings or to set up To-Do Lists between multiple people.

Configuring your Exchange Server Account

Before You Begin

You must have a Windows account (the one used to log into the PCs in the labs). If you don't have one yet or lost your password, please visit the Windows Account Maintenance Page.

If you do not have an exchange account or you are not sure if you do, please contact the Helpdesk for assistance.

Step One: Configuring Outlook for your Exchange Account

  1. Choose which version of Outlook you are using:
    1. Outlook 2007
    2. Outlook 2010
  2. Follow the instructions provided on the above pages, then return to this page.

Step Two: Learning How to Use Your Exchange Account

Visit the following links to learn more about using your Exchange account:

Please contact the Helpdesk if you have any trouble following these directions or have further questions about Exchange accounts.

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