Computing & Communications Center

Mobile Device Support FAQs

Q: Does WPI support iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)?
A: WPI provides limited support for iOS devices for email and network connection. For more information please review the specific support page for your device.

Q: What if I am traveling outside the USA?
A: Please contact Heidi Startz at least three business days prior to your departure. Heidi will add a global service plan to your account. Please include in your request the dates and destination of your trip. Be advised that the global plan will provide a discounted rate for voice and texting, and a limited data plan.

Q: What if I want to add additional services to my plan?
A:Please contact Heidi Startz to request additional services such as: Tethering (for 1 connection)or Mobile Hot Spot (for up to 5 connections).