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Mobile Device Support and FAQs

What are mobile devices?

Mobile devices consist of portable computing devices that take advantage of wireless networks to gain access to resources. The wireless networks may include local wireless networks (home networks, hotspots, the WPI wireless network) and carrier wireless networks (Verizon, AT&T, etc). Mobile devices are designed to complement existing computing resources such as deskstops and laptops. These devices can be further broken down into different categories, such as Smart Phones (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone), Tablets (iPad, Blackberry Playbook, Android Tablets) and special purpose devices (Kindle, Nook, other eReaders).

Support Policy

Given the sheer number and variety of devices that are on the market today, it is increasingly difficult to support every device that could potentially connect WPI's network and services. This has prompted us to develop a standard support policy for mobile devices. This policy intends to define the level of support that members of the WPI community can expect for mobile devices.

Full Support:WPI IT provides full support for approved phones that are purchased on IT managed cell phone accounts. Full support includes support for the hardware, software, and configuration of a device to work with WPI services.

Limited Support:WPI IT provides limited support for phones that are purchased through personal cell phone accounts. Limited support indicates that the device may be capable of connecting to our network and/or email, but, we can not assist further than providing the settings you will need to connect your device to WPI services such as email and internet.

If you are unsure about your device, please contact the Helpdesk for assistance. Please see Personal Mobile Support for more information and settings.

WPI Owned Mobile Devices

With the Department Headís approval, mobile devices can be purchased through our WPI contract. If requested, employees can retain their personal mobile numbers, which can be ported into or out of our WPI contract. Devices purchased by WPI are the property of WPI, and should be returned to the IT Department for data removal and recycling when the device is no longer needed or the employee leaves WPI.

WPI Employee and Student Discounts (for personal devices)

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