Computing & Communications Center

Cell Phone Purchase Requests

With the Department Headís approval, cell phones can be purchased through our WPI contract. A new mobile number will be assigned unless the employee requests to retain their personal mobile number, which can be ported into or out of our WPI contract. Devices purchased by WPI are the property of WPI, and should be returned to the IT Department to be wiped and recycled when the device is no longer needed or the employee leaves WPI.

Please email the following information to for the following cell phone requests: Please allow 3-5 business days for order processing, delivery, and deployment.

New Devices:
  1. Device Requested:
  2. Employee Name and Department:
  3. Port Personal Mobile Number vs New Mobile Number:
  4. If porting mobile number, form or information required (see Porting information):
  5. Department Account Number (i.e. Foapal) to charge:
  6. Person to whom bills are forwarded:
  7. Additional services required (i.e. tethering or global plan):
Device Upgrades:
  1. New Device Requested:
  2. Employee Name:
  3. Mobile Number: