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What is Office Communications Server?

Office Communicator is an Instant Messaging (IM) client that provides the ability to securely communicate with other members of the WPI community via text, audio and video on campus, at home and from project sites. Communicator is similar in function to consumer IM clients such as AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger, but is internally hosted by WPI. Additional features of Communicator include the ability to transfer files, share your desktop and use Live Meeting web conferencing.

Communicator allows direct IM communication with users of AOL Instant Messenger. Additionally, the tool provides the ability to communicate with other educational and corporate institutions having similar Office Communicator environments. These capabilities will enable direct IM communication to facilitate improved collaboration.

Communicator integrates with Outlook and SharePoint to introduce the concept of auto-detected “presence” (informed availability). Using an individual’s Exchange calendar to detect availability, it automatically updates presence information to tell others a person is busy (in a meeting) or Out of Office. An individual can also manually set various status levels such as “Available, “Busy”, “Do Not Disturb”, or “Away” and others will see the associated colored bubble indicator. Presence status changes update accordingly within Communicator, Outlook, and SharePoint.

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How do I install and configure the OCS communicator client?

OCS communicator is currently available for several platforms. Please follow the instructions below that is appropriate for you.

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OCS Documentation

OCS General Information

OCS Communicator 2007 R2

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