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Advisee E-mail Lists

By the request of the Academic Advising Committee, advisee e-mail lists are automatically created. The e-mail lists are updated automatically whenever the list of advisees changes, and the occurrence of any changes will be reported by e-mail to the advisor.

The advisees must have UNIX e-mail addresses in order to be in the list. Similarly, the advisor must have a UNIX e-mail address in order to be advised of these list changes.

The name of the mailing lists are where initials are the assigned advisor initials.

The advisor can edit the names in the list, to add addresses of individuals not officially in the advisee list, or remove addresses, by editing the file /shared/sendmail/aliases/adv/initials, since the advisor is set to be the owner of the file. The automatic updating process, mentioned above, will attempt to honor any editing an advisor has done. i.e. it will try not to add back addresses removed by advisor editing, nor to remove added addresses.

Advisors can also send mail through their advisee e-mail account by visiting the Send E-mail to Advisees page.

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