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General E-mail Information

Official email sent to you, as either faculty, staff or student of WPI, will be sent to your This email address will be used for university announcements, class notices, etc.

Email Options

Additional E-mail Information

Is there an e-mail message size limit?

Yes. The e-mail virus scanner limits message sizes to 20MB. Any message larger than 20MB will not be delivered and may bounce back to the sender. The 20MB limit is for the actual message size. Attachments must be encoded into a form that standard mail servers can handle and because of this, the size of binary attachments increases by approximately one third. This causes a 15MB e-mail to expand to 20MB. Thus, WPI e-mail users can only send or receive e-mail attachments that are 15MB or smaller.

What other e-mail resources are available?

The CCC can help you set up the following things:

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