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PureMessage E-mail Filtering

PureMessage is an e-mail filtering system that is used to identify and handle spam also know as "junk mail".

How does PureMessage work?

PureMessage uses a set of rules and heuristics to assign a probability that a message is spam and thresholds can be set to either tag or block messages that exceed a threshold. No messages are being blocked. However, some useful information is added to the header of the messages that can be used by the end user to reject or file messages based on these headers. Messages that pass through the PureMessage filter and have spam-like characteristics are marked with the following:

X-PerlMx-Spam: header - The X-PerlMx-Spam: header is added to the message. This header contains three pieces of information:

Watch this tutorial to learn how you can manage spam filtered by PureMessage.

To access PureMessage for your account, log in to PureMessage using your WPI account username and password.

Common Questions

Can I turn off PureMessage so that my mail is not scanned for spam?

No. Mail is scanned and marked at the server level. All mail that passes through the WPI e-mail servers will be scanned and marked accordingly. You can disable the quarantine so that all e-mail will be delivered.

Does this mean that someone is reading all of my e-mail?

No. WPI is committed to user privacy. The filtering process is completely automated. It does not require intervention by the system administrators.

Can I filter my e-mail based on the PureMessage SPAM marking?

Of course! The decision to purchase PureMessage was driven by feedback from users who were interested in filtering their own e-mail. We encourage you to take advantage of the PureMessage marking to automatically filter e-mail based on preferences. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. Take a moment to watch this tutorial to learn how you can manage spam filtered by PureMessage or select a supported e-mail reader below to read documentation about using PureMessage marking for filtering your e-mail automatically:

  1. Outlook 2010/2013
  2. UNIX (alpine, Mail, etc)
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