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myWPI Log In Process Changes

Beginning January 6th, 2007 you will use your ADMIN account password to login to the myWPI website. This will replace your existing myWPI password.

This change is taking place to provide users with single sign-on access. The benefit is that most users will have one less password to remember.

Below are frequently asked questions people may have about the upcoming changes to the process of logging into myWPI. If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact the WPI Helpdesk by phone at x5888, by email at or online at the Online Submission Form.

Who does this affect?

This change affects all WPI community members with ADMIN accounts who log into myWPI. This includes Faculty, Staff, and all students. Users who do not have Windows domain accounts may continue to login with their myWPI account password with no changes.

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Which account is my WINDOWS account?

Your Windows account is also sometimes referred to as your ADMIN account. This account is typically used to access the following resources.

If you donít use the following resources but still arenít sure if you have a Windows account, you may contact the Helpdesk. They can find out if you do.

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I don't remember my domain account password. What do I do?

If you donít remember what your domain password is you can reset it.

Faculty/Staff: You need to contact the WPI Helpdesk in order to have your password reset. Once it is reset you will have to pick up your password envelope from the CCC main office. Photo identification is required to obtain the password.

Students: You may go to Account Maintenance and choose the option to Change your Windows password.

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What if I don't have a WINDOWS account?

If you donít have a Windows account you will be able to continue to use your existing myWPI password. If at any point in the future you have a Windows account created, you will have to use your Windows password from that point onward.

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How do I create a WINDOWS account?

Faculty/Staff: You may request a Windows account by filling out the Request for CCC Accounts form from Human Resources.

Students: You may create your account by following the directions found at Account Maintenance

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Can I continue to use my "myWPI" password instead?

No. If you have a ADMIN domain account, you must use that password to login to myWPI. You will not be able to use your old myWPI password after January 5th. You may only continue to use your myWPI password if you have not yet created a Windows account.

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