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AutoCAD 2014 Install

Off-campus installation notes:

  1. You must be connected to the VPN in order to install and to run this program
  2. AutoCAD is a very large program and the install time will vary depending on your connection speed from off campus. Dial-up connections will not be supported.

Installation Instructions for Autocad 2014

  1. Map Drive to \\\software
  2. Navigate to: \\\software\Autodesk\2014\AutoCAD
  3. Run "AutoCAD 2014 64-bit" Shortcut
  4. Accept the License Agreement by clicking "Next"
  5. On the Product Information page: Change nothing, click "Next"
  6. On the Configure Installation page: Change nothing, click "Install"
  7. When the installation is finished: Click "Finish"
  8. AutoCAD 2014 is now installed
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Last modified: Nov 15, 2013, 15:30 EST
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