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Using WPI's Directory with Macintosh's Address Book

If your computer is set up to access directory services on your network, Address Book automatically searches the directory services for addresses. You can also set up Address Book to search LDAP servers for addresses. LDAP is an Internet protocol used for looking up contact information on servers.

  1. Open Address Book.
  2. Choose Address Book -> Preferences, then click LDAP.
  3. Click Add (+) to specify the settings for the LDAP server you want to use.
    • Name: WPI LDAP Server
    • Server:
    • Search Base: ou=People,dc=WPI,dc=EDU
  4. Click Save.

To have contact information automatically updated for LDAP network directory cards that you drag to your personal address book, select Auto Update LDAP Cards.

Information from network directories appear only when searching. To search a network directory, select Directories in the Group column and a directory in the Directory column, and then type text in the search field. To add someone from the network directory to your personal address book, drag the card from the directory to All in the Group column.

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Last modified: Apr 11, 2008, 11:23 EDT
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