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Suggested Security Software

It is common nowadays for personal computers to become infected with viruses and spyware if they are not properly protected. Helpdesk suggests the following software for your PC's protection.

Virus Protection

To shield your computer from viruses, Helpdesk suggests the McAfee VirusScan software that is freely offered by WPI.

Spyware Protection

To keep your PC free from spyware, Helpdesk suggests the Spybot - Search & Destroy and Ad-aware applications that are freely available.

For Advanced Users

In the rare case that none of the above programs can eliminate the virus or spyware that is infecting your PC, the free utility HijackThis can be used to remove said virus or spyware. However, HijackThis is a program that should only be used by advanced users since it is possible to change settings using HijackThis that might be essential for the stable operation of your PC. For more information on HijackThis, please visit the HijackThis Overview page on the TrendMicro website.

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