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The gred Command

When several users require the ability to read, write, or execute files on the WPI UNIX system, groups of users can be created to share these privileges. One of the most common uses of groups is on the WPI webserver, where departments frequently wish to establish groups in order to share editing responsibilities.

The command gred deals with groups which have limited memberships. If you want to share a file with a number of people you don't need to make a group for this unless the file is private or writable. Otherwise you can just modify the permissions using chmod so others can read the file. You'll only want to use gred when restricting its access to certain people.

Using gred to create user groups

To use gred, go to the gred web interface. You will be asked to authenticate with your username and UNIX password.

Gred will not allow a non-owner to modify an existing group except to withdraw from a group, though any user is permitted to add new groups.

There are a limited number of groups for everyone at WPI. Please create groups when you need them, we encourage it; but don't make them when you don't need them. Keep in mind that users are limited to membership in 20 groups across the WPI system, so don't add unnecessary users to your group.

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