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How do I check my quota?

Use the quota command to check the size of your quota.

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UNIX is telling me I'm out of quota space! What can I do to clear up some space?

To clear up space, you must remove (rm) some files. In your home directory, type ls -l to see a list of your files and their sizes. The size is the number next to the date. Delete or move large, unneeded files with the rm filename command. If you have been using the delete command to remove files, instead of rm you will need to use the purge command at the UNIX prompt to remove "deleted" files. Delete doesn't actually remove the files, it only makes them invisible to the user so they can be retrieved later with the "undelete" command.

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I am out of space due to academic files. What can I do to get an increase in quota space?

To increase your quota on CCC systems, e-mail To get space on the CS partition if you're CS major, e-mail To get an account on ECE if you are an ECE major, e-mail

Please note that if you request a quota increase, the system administrator of whichever system you are seeking an increase on will scrutinize the contents of your home directory thoroughly to confirm that an increase is necessary.

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How do I forward my e-mail from my WPI address to some other e-mail address?

Unless you are using the spam management page, you should use the forwarding webpage. If you are using it, however, you will need to set up forwarding via the spam management page.

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I would like to be able to check my e-mail using Pine when I'm not at WPI. Is there any way I can do this?

Yes. Login to the internet with an ISP as you normally would if you were going to surf the web. Then open up an SSH window as normal. For information on obtaining an SSH client, please see our Secure Access page. Once in UNIX, you can do anything you could normally do.

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I have multiple logins on UNIX. How do I kill the ones I'm not using?

Login to the machine you have a orphaned login to and type kill -KILL -1 This will end all your processes on that machine.

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How do I create a newsgroup?

Post a message with the following headers:

Newsgroups: wpi
Distribution: local
Control: newgroup
Subject: (this doesn't matter, can be left blank)

In the body of the message, put the following two lines, one after the other:

For your newsgroups file: (put a short description of the newsgroup here)

Replace the with the name of the group you're creating. Make sure to have exact spelling and capitalization.

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How do I map my network space?

To map your Unix (filer) drive, please see our drive mapping page.

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