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Where is the WPI Wireless Network Available?

Please note that list is only an approximate area of coverage. Due to the inherently unreliable nature of wireless, the signal quality and data speed will vary widely within a given location based on numerous factors including, but not limited to:

Because of the wide uncontrolled nature of many of these sources of interference, we cannot guarantee any minimum level of speed or connection. For maximum reliability, we recommend the use of a wired connection wherever possible.

Which buildings and locations have WiFi Access Points?

WPI has installed wireless access points in numerous locations across campus. With the proper equipment, this allows wire-free, roaming network and Internet access throughout many locations.

Academic/Administrative Buildings
Building Speed
28 Trowbridge International HouseFull 11n
20 Shussler Road OASIS HouseFull 11n
60 Prescott StreetFull 11n
Air Force ROTCFull 11n
Alden HallFull 11n
Atwater-KentFull 11n
Bartlett CenterFull 11n
Boynton HallFull 11n
Campus CenterFull 11n
Fuller LabsFull 11n
Goddard LabsFul 11n
Gordon LibraryFull 11n
Harrington AuditoriumFull 11n
Higgins HouseFull 11n
Higgins LabsFull 11n
Kaven HallFull 11n
Olin HallFull 11n
Salisbury LabsFull 11n
Stratton HallFull 11n
Student Counselling CenterFull 11n
Wasburn LabsFull 11n
Residential Buildings
16 ElbridgeFull 11n
22 SchusslerFull 11n
25 TrowbridgeFull 11n
26 HackfeldFull 11n
30 Boynton (East Hall)Full 11n
Daniels HallFull 11n
Ellsworth ApartmentsFull 11n
Founders HallFull 11n
Fuller ApartmentsFull 11n
Institute HallFull 11n
Morgan HallFull 11n
Riley HallFull 11n
Stoddard ComplexFull 11ac
Outdoor Areas
30 Boynton PlazaFull 11n
Ellsworth PlazaFull 11n
Freeman PlazaFull 11n
Fuller PlazaFull 11n
Football FieldFull 11n
Campus Center LawnFull 11n
QuadFull 11n
Stoddard PlazaFull 11ac

Which wireless speeds does WPI support?

StandardFrequencyMaximum SpeedAvailabilityNotes
802.11a5.8 GHz54 MbpsAll Access PointsGood speed, low penetration, least interference.
802.11b2.4 GHz11 MbpsAll Access PointsLowest speed, good penetration.
802.11g2.4 GHz54 MbpsAll Access PointsGood speed, good penetration.
802.11n2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz150 to 300 MbpsAll Access PointsBest range and penetration.
802.11ac (Wave 1)5.8 GHz1.3GbpsAll Aruba Access PointsBest speed, low penetration, but least support.

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