Executable Attachments in Email

Given the ease of transmission of virus infections via pc mail clients, a set of file types are being removed if they are found in attachments to WPI email.

If an executable attachment is located, you will see a note such as:

The attachment xxx.exe has been removed from this message.

Please see http://www.wpi.edu/Academics/CCC/Services/Email/attachments.html

The attachment file name will be shown in the sentence in place of xxx.exe. These are the file types which currently trigger this treatment:

exe com pif bat vbs wsh scr mim uue uu b64 hqx xxe cpl

If you know the person, but do not expect the attachment, ask the person to resend the message with the attachment in compressed form. It should be able to pass through in that form. If they resend the attachment it may be safe to execute the attachment, but it would be prudent to ask first if the person has up-to-date virus protection on their pc. If the person did not send the attachment, then it really is likely that their pc is infected.

If you do not know the person, delete the message.

Last modified: Tuesday, 27-Jul-2004 13:38:18 EDT

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