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Fellowships and scholarships most often provide support for students to attend graduate schools. So if you are considering a fellowship application, it is essential that you find out about graduate schools in general and the programs in your field of interest in order to find the right graduate program for you.

In general, fellowships and scholarships are more plentiful for graduate programs leading to a Master's or Ph.D. in the sciences, engineering, the arts and humanities. Such programs also may offer teaching and research assistantships that pay graduate school tuition and/or a stipend in exchange for teaching undergraduates or assisting in a research program. In contrast, graduate schools offering professional degrees in areas such as law, medicine, or business are more likely to expect you to rely on loans and your own resources. However, some of the prestigious fellowships may be used toward programs of study leading to degrees or careers in any of these areas. 

Many useful guides to graduate and professional study are available online. Be sure to talk to faculty in your field of interest. Seek out younger faculty who have had some of the most recent experiences in graduate school. Visit the WPI Career Development Center for career planning and self-assessment or WPI Academic Advising Pre-Professional Programs for advice about graduate school in medicine, law, veterinary medicine, teacher preparation and so on.  The guides below are just a sampling; the sites provided by university career centers usually provide good advice. Read the commercial guides and ranking tables but remember that some of them are selling services as well as giving advice.


Graduate school for masters and Ph.D. programs

Law and Public Affairs

Health Professions

Business Schools

Additional Resources for Financial Aid for Graduate Study

Foreign Study

Non-U.S. Students 

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