Nationally Competitive Scholarships

If you have a strong academic record, you may be eligible for one or more nationally competitive fellowships. In addition to outstanding grades, applicants for prestigious fellowships should have made their mark in one or more other ways. Substantial intellectual or creative projects or evidence of leadership or public service, and strong, detailed faculty letters of recommendation are essential to complete for these awards.

Many national fellowships require official endorsement from WPI, which entails an on-campus selection process.  For more information, please contact Prof. Tina-Marie Ranalli, the WPI Fellowships Advisor, to discuss a variety of opportunities.  Where relevant, campus deadlines and procedures for institutional nomination are provided in the "Infosheets" or in the "Database" entry. 

The scholarships listed below are particularly well-known or generous.  A much longer list of important scholarships is available by browsing the fellowships and scholarships database located in the navigation menu. 

The links to the "Infosheet" (PDF) or "Database" provide summary information and details about each award, while clicking on the name of the scholarship name itself will take you to its official Web site.  The Infosheets and Information Form may be filled in and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader®, or filled in and saved with the full version of Adobe Acrobat® 

For Sophomores and Juniors

Name Fields/Locations PDF
Goldwater Sciences, math, and engineering Infosheet
Truman Public service Infosheet
Udall Environmental interests Infosheet
SMART Science, technology, engineering and math Database
Microsoft Computer science Database
EPA Greater Opportunities Environmental research Database
Society of Women Engineers Women in engineering, computer science Database
NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program Aeronautics and related fields Database
Homeland Security Internship Science, math, engineering in DHS fields Database
National Science Foundation Research experiences for undergraduates Database
Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Research experiences for undergraduates Database
National Institutes of Health Biomedical, health-related; disadvantaged Database
Amgen Scholars Program Biotechnology and biological sciences Database
Tylenol Medicine and health-related fields Database
Gilman Study abroad; financial need Database
Boren Foreign languages and cultures Database

For Seniors and Recent Graduates

Name Fields PDF
National Science Foundation Sciences and engineering Infosheet
National Defense Sciences and engineering Infosheet
Rotary All fields in foreign countries Infosheet
Fulbright All fields in foreign countries Infosheet
Rhodes All fields at Oxford University Infosheet
Marshall All fields at a university in the UK Infosheet
Gates Cambridge All fields at Cambridge University Infosheet
Mitchell All fields at a university in Ireland Infosheet
Soros All fields, in the US, for "New Americans" Infosheet
Hertz Applied physical sciences Infosheet
Ford Foundation All fields for minority students Infosheet

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