Center for Heat Treating Excellence (CHTE)
Center for Heat Treating Excellence

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The CHTE collaborative is an alliance between the industrial sector and university researchers to collaboratively address short-term and long-term needs of the heat-treating industry.

Heat treating is a $20 billion-a-year industry. It is fragmented and R&D necessary for innovation is not carried out across all segments. CHTE provides a critical and important forum where various segments of the industry pool their resources and, through collaborative research, advance the industry by developing the knowledge base and curricula for education of its future leaders.

CHTE and ASM's Heat Treat Society have collaborated and worked together to establish a database resource to serve you, and the community of materials scientists and engineers. The database is organized in 16 main categories, and the data is entered and managed by the researcher (or the research organization) participating. We have solely established a framework and a location where researchers can inform the world what they are working on, and to allow for those who are inquiring to connect directly with the researcher. We believe this is good for the community and its efficacy will be confirmed by you.

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