Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Center for Research in Exploratory Data and Information Analysis


CREDIA membership is available to organizations with in an interest in data exploration and costs $15,000 per year. Members receive research, educational, recruiting and networking benefits. Non-profit organizations may become affiliates of the Center for a reduced fee. To request more information, please contact us.


  • access to current research results through technical reports, reprints of publications, and discussions with WPI faculty
  • participation in setting research directions of the center as part of the steering committee
  • involvement in guiding the research projects as members of focus groups
  • on-site visits from CREDIA faculty members to discuss research projects
  • opportunities for technology reviews and other consulting services from CREDIA faculty members

Education and Training

  • invitation to annual workshops at WPI showcasing recent research activities
  • seminars and workshops for employees on different exploratory data analysis technologies
  • opportunities for employees to pursue graduate studies (both for certificates and degrees) and research internships on CREDIA-related topics
  • opportunities for industrial members to present talks in the CREDIA Colloquium Series


  • opportunity to recruit students (undergraduate and graduate) involved in CREDIA related projects for internships and full-time employment


  • opportunities to interact with representatives of member companies and organizations (both producers and domain-specific users of data analysis technology)
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