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Organization of Research Activities within the Center

The specific research projects to be undertaken by the Center are selected based on the interests of the faculty members, the needs and opinions of member organizations, and the availability of necessary resources to pursue the project.

  1. A steering committee elected from the member organizations meets twice per year to assess ongoing and recently completed projects, as well as to discuss potential new projects to be considered for initiation.
  2. Once the list of possible new projects has been created, steering committee members will vote to assign priority/interest levels to each project. To insure that all members will have a reasonable opportunity to place emphasis on specific projects, the number of votes allowed per member will change from meeting to meeting.
  3. The Center Directors, along with faculty members affiliated with the center, will then meet to discuss the projects and ascertain the feasibility of carrying out the high priority projects from the list.

Each research project performed within the Center has a focus group composed of representatives from member organizations with interests in the specific project. The mission of the focus group is to provide an industrial perspective on the project, ideas for and assessment of the process of carrying out the project, and, occasionally, additional resources necessary for the project's completion. Regular meetings between the faculty, students, and staff conducting the research and a project's focus group will take place to augment telephone and e-mail dialogue, thus assuring steady progress towards the project goals.

Center Member Companies

Steering Committee

Center Director

Focus Groups

Research Projects

Research Staff

In general, all research results will be made available to all member organizations prior to their being submitted for publication consideration. This provides members with advanced knowledge that can provide them with an advantage over their competitors. Research of a more proprietary nature can be arranged between a single member organization and the Center, but this must be contracted and funded separate from the membership-sponsored activities.

Specific areas of interest at CREDIA are:

  • Knowledge Discovery in Databases
  • Data Mining
  • Information Visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Statistics
  • Signal Analysis
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