How to Accept or Reject an Offer


Different companies require different procedures to accept a job.  Make sure you have a copy of the acceptance letter, and make a photo copy of it for your own files.  Some companies will request that you mail in your acceptance letter signed.  Some companies will require a drug test or background check upon signing for the job.


There are a few ways of rejecting an offer.  You can telephone the contact that extended you the job offer and thank them for the offer, however inform them that you are no longer interested in the position, or will be pursuing other opportunities.  If you decided after the interview and before an offer, that the job just is not what you are looking to do, you can also telephone and say that you thank the company for their time, however you would like to withdraw your candidacy at this point in time as this is not the type of opportunity that you are interested in pursuing.  If telephone is not your comfortable mode of communication, you can also send a polite, grammatically correct email to your contact conveying similar information.

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