Alumni Networking


As an Alumnus of WPI, there are numerous events and opportunities throughout the year that are sponsored by the Alumni Relations Office which bring alumni together. If you are in the process of exploring a change in your job or career, seeking advice or information from a fellow WPI graduate is one of the most fruitful efforts you can make in achieving your goal.  Attending Homecoming, Reunion, Pub Nights, Networking Breakfasts, and Regional programs are all good ways to meet Alumni who may be able to provide important knowledge, insights, and referrals for you. A CDC staff member is frequently at these events to meet alumni and answer career and job search questions.

Opening your account on the CDC’s Job Finder system so that you have access to the Career Search Database also helps in developing your network. When coupled with Alumni Connect’s online Alumni Directory and social networking sites such as and Facebook, the ability to identify target employers for your particular profession from the Career Search Database will enable you to strengthen your network with more precision. Integrating these tools effectively means significantly increasing the probability of finding the right position with the right firm, regardless of whether or not it was “posted.”

Visit our Networking page for additional information.

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